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    Human Resources

    BSI Group knows that every team member is the most important partner of the company, and establishes relevant rules and regulations in accordance with the three major parts of working environment and safety, protection of workers rights and human resources, to ensure the physical and mental health of employees.

    1. Working environment and safety
    BSI Group has obtained the ISO 9001 certification system, established standard operating procedures, based on the actual working environment of employees and assessing labor exposure conditions, and regularly implements labor operating environment monitoring to understand the actual working environment and ensure the safety and health of employees. Due to the characteristics of the industry, the company has measured the working environment of carbon dioxide, dust, organic solvents, and specific chemical substances, and the test results over the years have been within the allowable range. We will continue to automate equipment and control equipment to improve the working environment and teach employees the correct operation. Methods and protective gear wearing and management methods to protect the health of employees.

    2. Protection of work rights and interests
    BSI Group clearly declares the protection of human rights, prohibition of discrimination and sexual harassment and other inappropriate or illegal behaviors in regulations such as "Work Rules", "Workplace Sexual Harassment Prevention Measures Complaint and Punishment Measures" and "Complaint Incident Handling Procedures", and in 2018 Signing the United Nations Global Compact swears the Group's determination to promote sustainable development and an inclusive economy and promotes a diverse and effective two-way communication mechanism, which not only protects the rights and interests of employees but also creates a harmonious workplace environment for labor and management.

    At the same time, the Group has also guaranteed Welfare such as established clear regulations on salary system, employee insurance, employee benefits, and retirement system, and provides employee labor insurance, health insurance, performance bonus, year-end bonus, domestic and overseas travel insurance, three festival gifts and travel subsidies .

    3. Manpower training
    In line with the update of products, operating procedures or regulations, the company conducts course training for safety-related personnel every year, so as to avoid problems such as information gaps in the corresponding responsible projects of various units within the company, and at the same time strengthen the personnel training of company members, so that members can communicate with each other. Keep pace with the times and grow together with the company.

    In addition, the company implements internship programs with colleges and universities for emerging technologies, product innovation, company culture, etc., and recruits talents through industry-university cooperation, and actively promotes a win-win situation of "mutual assistance and resource sharing".
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    Social Welfare Program

    In order to implement the sustainable development value and goal of "taken from the society and use it for the society", BSI Group not only follows various policy indicators of environmental protection and risk management but also promotes social welfare programs, which cover organizing and donate to public welfare activities of various groups, environmental protection actions and plans to help friends and neighbors.

    1. Handle and donate to various group public welfare activities
    In addition to providing long-term donations to disadvantaged groups, educational groups, families in poverty, and non-profit organizations, BSI Group also organizes various public welfare activities at home and abroad through social welfare programs, so that the spirit of mutual help and love becomes an important culture passed on among colleagues.

    2. Environmental protection actions
    In addition to promoting the reduction of pollutant emissions in the production process and the improvement of energy efficiency, BSI Group also promotes actions such as plastic reduction and garbage classification within the company, adopts social welfare plans to adopt some public areas, and organizes beach cleaning and other activities from time to time. Greening (tree planting) activities truly implement the protection of the environment from the lives of every member.

    3. The plan of Good Neighbourhood
    BSI Group has established a good relationship with the surrounding residents of neighboring factories for many years, communicating with the residents in a friendly manner, and jointly maintaining the public environment of the community so that the colleagues of BSI Group can participate in the construction of the community so that the company and the community can coexist in a sustainable manner and common prosperity.
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    United Nations Global Compact

    The United Nations Global Compact is an initiative of companies to commit to operationally and strategically abide by ten globally agreed principles on human rights, labor, the environment, and anti-corruption; the mission of the United Nations Global Compact is to promote sustainable development and an inclusive economy for people, communities and markets for long-term benefits.

    The United Nations Global Compact recommends that companies should follow 9 principles in the following 3 parts, including
    Human Rights Section
    1. Support and respect international human rights within the scope of corporate influence
    2. Businesses should ensure that human rights are not violated within the company
    Labor part
    3. Guarantee the freedom of labor assembly and association, and effectively recognize the right to collective bargaining
    4. Eliminate all forms of forced labor
    5. Effective abolition of child labor
    6. Eliminate discrimination in employment and occupation
    Environmental part
    7. Support preventive measures against environmental challenges
    8. Take the practice of doing more corporate environmental responsibility
    9. Encourage research and development and diffusion of environmentally friendly technologies

    BSI Group (Jiangsu Dawan) signed the United Nations Global Compact in 2018. Pledged the group's determination to promote sustainable development and an inclusive economy.
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